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Hoffman is Hauling!  Hoffman now offers roll off dumpster rentals to help you dispose of your trash.  Roll off dumpsters are a quick and easy way to dispose of your material.  We will deliver the dumpster to your location, you fill it, and then we'll come and pick it up and empty it!

Whether you are cleaning out the garage, preparing to put your house on the market, cleaning up your yard, picking up after a large event or gathering, planning a re-modeling project for your home, or have an active construction site, allow Hoffman Dumpsters to quickly and affordably remove your material with minimal planning on your part.




ON SALE: $375


APPROX 7' x 4' x 14'








Make your garage Pinterest-worthy by renting our 13 yard roll off dumpster to tackle any of your household clean-up projects.  Simplify and declutter your home by removing old furniture, toys, garage debris, boxes, and clothing.  If you are planning to clean out the garage, call Hoffman Dumpsters and we’ll deliver a roll off dumpster the day you start your project.  This will allow for you to easily dispose of all your material, rather than filling up your smaller, city trash cans.


Remodeling can be stressful and having old toilets and drywall sitting in your driveway will not decrease your stress level.  The ease of having a roll off dumpster at your home or business during your remodeling project will keep your home clean while the work is getting done.  Call Hoffman Dumpsters to discuss your options for a roll off dumpster rental while you are remodeling.


Why rely on unreliable waste disposal on your next construction project?  Keep your construction site clean, free of debris, and safe for your employees by using our 13 yard roll off dumpster.  The delivery and pickup frequency of the roll off dumpster can be adjusted to meet your construction needs.


Yard Waste

Cleaning up your yard?  Don’t allow piles of leaves, shrubs, grass clippings, and sticks to sit around after you are done cleaning.  Use our 13 yard dumpster to remove all of the rubbish from your yard so you are able to enjoy those backyard BBQs.


Event Clean-up

If you are hosting a large event, gathering, or other social event, make clean-up easy on yourself by having a roll off dumpster delivered the day after the event.  Disposal of trash, decorations, and other material is easily placed into the roll off dumpster using the swinging doors.  When you are finished, we’ll haul the dumpster away.  Clean-up could not be more quick or simple.


Moving or Downsizing

While in the process of putting your home on the market or packing your things up to move, call Hoffman Dumpsters to have a roll off dumpster available.  While you are going through your items, why pack and move items that you don’t want?  Having a roll off dumpster readily available for your unwanted items will save you time packing things you will eventually throw away anyway.

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Your rental cost is quoted up front, with no hidden costs, at $425 for 7 days. Includes; *Drop Off and Pick Up *Disposal for up to 2 tons


Easy, stress free scheduling.  Tell us where to place it and your roll off dumpster will be delivered and picked up.


Locally owned and operated, and serving Northern Nevada for over 50 years, there will be no delay in delivering your roll off dumpster to your home or business.


We are locally owned & operated. When you call, you’ll speak to our friendly office staff that will address any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a roll off dumpster?

A roll off dumpster is a specially designed waste container with an open-top. Roll off dumpsters are used for commercial projects, such as construction jobs and remodels, and residential projects, such as spring cleaning your home or cleaning up yard debris.

How long can I keep the roll off dumpster?

Typically, you will have the roll off dumpster for 7 days. If you need additional time, please let us know when you schedule the drop off and we will work with you to extend the rental period.

How much does a dumpster rental cost?

Hoffman Dumpsters offers a fixed price of $425 for a 7 day rental. If additional time is needed, pricing will be adjusted to reflect the additional time. We will be as flexible as needed to meet your needs.

Will I need to be home for dumpster delivery and pickup?

No. There is no need to adjust your schedule to have the roll off dumpster delivered or picked up. Upon making the rental reservation, please ensure that area you would like the dumpster is clear and not blocked by anything. Upon pickup, please make sure that there are no objects sticking over the top of the sides of the dumpster.

How large is a 14 yard roll off dumpster?

The dimensions of the roll off dumpster is approximately 7 feet across, 4 feet deep, and 14 feet long. This is approximately the size of a full-size pickup truck.

What is the weight limit of the roll off dumpster?

We have a 2 ton weight limit.

Should I lay down wood to protect my driveway?

While not required, we recommend laying down plywood if you have any concerns about potential scrapes and scratches that may occur on your driveway when delivering and picking up the roll off dumpster.

What is the best way to load material into the dumpster?

At the end of the roll off dumpsters are two large doors that swing open. This allows for easy access to the interior of the dumpster without needing to lift heavy objects up and over the sides of the dumpster. Additionally, as the doors open, accessing the dumpster with a wheelbarrow will be easy.

What items are not allowed in the dumpster?

As Hoffman Dumpsters is committed to environmental safety, items that are not allowed in the dumpster are as follows: - Asbestos -Car Batteries -Concrete -Flammable Liquids and Gases such as propane tanks -Hazardous Waste -Infectious Medical Waste

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After a horrible experience with another local dumpster company, I found out about Hoffman Plumbing now offering dumpster services and immediately contacted them.  A big, beautiful, black dumpster was promptly delivered that afternoon to my home and placed exactly where I asked them to (I wasn’t even home to instruct them).  After filling the dumpster in 2 days, I called the office and organized with Hoffman to remove the full dumpster and have another dumpster left for my remaining debris (this was a huge project).  This was done seamlessly and caused no delay in my timeline.  I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of stuff I could fit into the dumpster.  What I thought would take 4-5 dumpsters, I was able to fit into 2 of Hoffman’s dumpsters.  I highly recommend Hoffman's dumpster rentals over any other option available in the area based on both reliability, professionalism, and most importantly, cost.

- Jenn M from Carson City, NV